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Hackers Are People Too is a 2008 documentary, filmed at two hacker conferences, piecing together interviews with dozens of hackers - young and old, male and female - to create a cohesive, accurate portrayal of the modern hacking community and attempting to deconstruct the negative connotation of the word 'hacker' so often thrown around by the media.

At just 45 minutes long, the documentary does not try to delve into the vast technical history of hacking but rather focuses on the people, the community and the good put forth by the hackers of the world. Using just the words of the interviewees, the movie allows the people to speak for themselves and to answer the question, "What is a hacker?"

The movie was filmed on a $1,500 budget at Defcon and Toorcon in 2007 by college students Ashley Schwartau and Amanda Shapiro with audio mixing help from Mike Poston at Mayfield Mastering.

"I wanted to do this project for two reasons: first, to teach myself how to edit, as I felt I wasn't really learning anything in school. And secondly, because I love this community and wanted the rest of America to understand why." - Ashley Schwartau

If you have any questions about the movie, please contact Ashley at info [at] hackersarepeopletoo [dot] com!

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